Flexinox pool cleaning stainless 1 L.


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Cleaning to keep the stainless steel surfaces in good condition and, thus, not compromised by the aesthetic appearance or its resistance to corrosion.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Although stainless steels are themselves corrosion resistant materials that do not require any additional protection on the surface to improve their appearance and durability, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance and cleaning tasks to maintain the steel surfaces. stainless steel in good condition and that, in this way, neither the aesthetic appearance nor its resistance to corrosion are compromised.

The purpose of these recommendations is to advise installers and owners how to perform an effective and cost-effective cleaning that allows them to take advantage of the advantages of the stainless steel's anti-corrosive properties.

It is recommended to clean the products, to eliminate waste (lime, chlorides ...) and other harmful substances that may be attached to stainless steel and cause pitting corrosion.

The frequency of cleaning will vary depending on the environmental and atmospheric conditions to which the product is subjected, as well as the quality of the stainless steel:

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