Salina Electrochlorination Innowatter SMC 20


New product

Chlorinator saline innowater SMC30

Production up to 30 gr / h

Easy installation, new user interface very simple with retro-illuminated LCD screen

Ideal for small pools and hot tubs

Salt concentration 5gr / l

Self-cleaning cell in titanium grade 1 with 14,000 hours of life

New exclusive cell with improved hydrodynamics and greater effective electrode surface

3 year warranty

More details

1 800,00 € tax incl.

New sealed high performance power supply.

Elimination of ventilation by forced air: great resistance to corrosive atmospheres and notable reduction of faults. IP-65.

New user-friendly interface with retro-illuminated LCD screen.

New wall fixing with independent support in stainless steel. Disconnectable power cable that allows a quick and easy intervention. Self-cleaning cell.

Cell connection without nuts through watertight connector in thermo rubber. Includes ph and redox measurement software and electronics

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